In 2015, Alexis Miles founded Tax Abatement Today to assist developers and home owners with filing for real estate tax benefits, permits, and a variety of other construction & development administrative services in Philadelphia.

As an investor herself, she understands the importance of accurate and efficient application submissions, in addition to excellent conflict resolution skills when navigating throughout various departments in Philadelphia. Miles’ overall objective is to ensure the permitting and abatement side of a renovation or new construction development project is stress free.

In addition to being the CEO of Tax Abatement Today, Miles is also the Founder & CEO of The Partnership Project, a Philadelphia-based investment company geared towards empowering and educating business professionals to invest and grow their wealth.


Tax Abatement Today provides registration and consulting services to homeowners,
investors and developers for the following tax abatements and exemptions:


1. New Construction: Apply to OPA no later than 60 days from the date that the construction building permit was issued by L&I

2. Renovation Projects: Apply to OPA within the calender year that the building permit for interior alterations was issued by L&I

3. Abatement is for the improvement’s assessed valuation and starts in the month following conveyance of the real estate to the qualified owner

4. You must been in good standing for all payments due to the city at all times

5. You must file your application on time


Development Abatement for New or Improved Construction

A 30-month abatement from Real Estate taxes during the construction or improvement of residential properties that will be sold or rented upon completion.


Rehab Construction for Residential Properties

A 10-year abatement from Real Estate taxes on improvements to existing residential properties.


Rehab & New Construction for Commercial & Industrial Properties

A 10-year abatement from Real Estate taxes on improvements due to rehabilitation or new construction of commercial / business properties.


New Construction for Residential Properties

A 10-year abatement from Real Estate taxes for new construction of residential properties that will be sold upon completion.


Non-profit Tax Exemption

Qualifying not-for-profit organizations are eligible for a Real Estate Tax Exemption from the City of Philadelphia, as long as the use of the property is within the scope of the organization’s tax-exempt purpose.


Disabled Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption

Veterans (or their surviving spouses) who have a 100% service-connected disability may qualify for a Real Estate Tax Exemption.


Homestead Exemption

Offering Real Estate tax exemption to all Philadelphia homeowners, by reducing the taxable portion of their property assessment by $30,000.


Longtime Owner Occupants Program (LOOP)

Homeowners with substantial changes in their property assessment may qualify for a discount on Real Estate Taxes with the Longtime Owner Occupants Program (LOOP).


A native of Seattle, Washington, Alexis Miles relocated to Philadelphia to build her career in Real Estate development, where she attended Drexel University, where she studied Hotel and Restaurant Development. While in school, Miles simultaneously worked for Coldwell Banker, as a Real Estate agent, and for her father, who has been a developer in the Philadelphia vicinity for more than 20 years.

In 2015, Miles founded Tax Abatement Today to assist developers and single-family home owners with filing for tax benefits on development projects, in Philadelphia. As a developer herself, she currently owns 35 properties in Philadelphia and Jacksonville.

In addition to being a developer, Miles is also the Assistant New Construction Project Manager, Designer, and Director of Acquisition for Anthony Miles, owner, Two I’s LLC, a Philadelphia-based investment company.


Tax Abatement Today simplifies this process with on-site payment portals for you to receive your applications, begin processing, and receive follow up from the TAT staff.


One-Time Fee


Online Registration
Initial Consultation
What Exemption Works Best
Application Completion
Submit Application
Follow up with OPA until Eligibility is Determined


One-Time Fee


If for any reason the application is denied by the Board of Revision of Taxes.. Tax Abatement Today charges an additional $500.00 per application to discover what the issue is and will follow up with BRT / OPA until an eligibility decision is determined.


One-Time Fee


Once subject property is sold…Tax Abatement Today will complete the new owner’s Certificate to Commence Real Estate Abatement.


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